A Quick Guide to Customized Camera Module Effectively

customized camera module

The camera modules have various different application areas, and most customers’ needs also vary a lot. Offering customized camera module service to meet the customers’ requirements is crucial and necessary.

In the process of customization, effective communication between the two parties about their respective needs can help the entire customization process to proceed more smoothly. Usually includes the following key steps:

  1. Requirements Proposal
    It would be better if you could have very specific, detailed, and clear requirements for your customized products, in this way we are able to offer the best solutions tailed to your needs within the shortest possible. 
  2. Solutions Communication
    Our company provides solutions according to your needs, we would propose a one-stop solution suitable for your requirement for you to choose. And then let’s communicate together your ideal camera module solutions further.
  3. Drawing Confirmation
    Confirm with the customers of your module type, sensor type, size, interface and other settings, and we would send you a product drawing diagram to finalize the design. After the customers’ confirmation, let us move forward.
  4. Quotation
    Send the quotation according to the design level of your products.
  5. Sample Development
    Determine the details of the development sample and the delivery time. Communicate at any time to ensure smooth progress. It usually would be completed within 15 days.
  6. Sample Testing
    Send the first sample for confirmation, and mass production would be started after confirmation.
  7. Mass Production
    During mass production, production and quality control of mass-produced products would be carried out, to be sure that customized R&D and production of the camera module can be completed with high quality and quantity since it meets the customer’s requirements.  
  8. Shipping
    Start shipping and keep tracking the good’s transportation throughout the process.

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