13MP IMX258 1/3.06 Inch HD 4K USB Camera Module

• IMX258 Sensor 1/.3.06 inch CMOS Chip
• Maximum Resolution:4224*3192
• Frame Rate: 30fps(1080P)
• USB2.0 OTG interface Plug And Play
• Support System: Win XP, Android, IOS, Linux etc

4K Sony 13MP IMX258 CMOS Sensor HDR autofocus fixed focus USB camera module, Maximum Resolution:4224*3192, USB2.0 OTG interface Plug And Play, Support System: Win XP, Android, IOS, Linux, etc

The camera module provides several adjustable parameters to enhance the image quality. These parameters include brightness, contrast, color saturation, hue, definition, gamma, white balance, and exposure. These settings allow users to customize the visual aspects of their captured photos or videos according to their preferences and desired effects.

The Sony IMX179 camera module stands out among other 8 million pixel cameras in various aspects, establishing itself as a superior choice. Notably, it surpasses its counterparts in terms of low light capability, power consumption, and photographing speed.

Its exceptional performance in low light conditions allows for capturing high-quality images even in challenging and dimly lit environments. Additionally, the IMX179 excels in power efficiency, ensuring extended battery life while delivering impressive image-capture capabilities.

Furthermore, its photographing speed sets it apart from the rest, enabling users to swiftly capture moments without compromising image quality or clarity. In comparison to the previously mass-produced Sony IMX135 with 13 million pixels, the IMX179 outperforms it significantly, demonstrating its advancements and innovations in camera technology.

13MP IMX258


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